"They're probably all rebel symathisers, so they deserve to die."
CX-425 was a Stormtrooper Commander that was active during the Galactic Civil War.

Deployment Edit

Galactic Empire Edit

Yavin IV Edit

Following the Battle of Yavin, CX-425 was one of many Imperial Stormtroopers that were sent to the planet of Yavin IV to aid the Galactic Empire in securing the rebel base on the planet after the Empire had taken control of the planet. While deployed to the planet's surface, CX-425 positioned himself near one of the several ancient Massassi Temples located on the jungle planet. It is unknown for how long CX-425 was stationed on Yavin IV, but he was encountered by a group of spacers, who were visiting the planet.

Equipment Edit

At some point during his career as an Imperial Stormtrooper, CX-425 accomplished a feat that earned him the rank of Commander within the Stormtrooper Corps. For this, he received a single orange ranking pauldron to showcase his position. Like most soldiers of the Galactic Empire, CX-425 was equipped with fairly uniform measures, such as an E-11 blaster rifle.