EX-222 was a Stormtrooper Commander that was stationed on the jungle planet Yavin IV along with CX-425 and several other Imperial Stormtroopers after the Death Star's destruction.

Deployment Edit

Galactic Empire Edit

Yavin IV Edit

In 1 ABY, one year following the dreaded loss of the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, EX-222 was deployed alongside numerous other Stormtrooper units under his command to secure the Imperial Fortress located on Yavin IV. During his deployment there, EX-222 resided within the fortress' private detainment facility where he stood guard for a majority of his service.

One day, a group of six rebel pilots were captured by Imperial forces and sent to Yavin IV's detainment facility under the watchful eye of EX-222 and his soldiers. These pilots would be trapped in this facility until the official celebrations of Empire Day debut, following which Wedge Antilles employed a group of spacers to sneak into the facility and break out the captive rebel operatives. The spacers encountered EX-222 during their escape, which forced one of the spacers to kill the squad leader and dawn his armor as a disguise.

Equipment Edit

While serving within the Stormtrooper Corps, EX-222 was equipped with standard issue Stormtrooper armor and was later given a ranking pauldron to singify his promotion to Commander.