Guardsmen Stormtroopers, simply known as members of the Red Guard, were members of Palpatine's Royal Guard who wore red stormtrooper armor[1] and were noted for being some of the best soldiers the Empire had to offer aside from Shadow Troopers and clones. Their armor was somewhat similar to the Crimson Stormtroopers[2].

Deployment Edit

Guardsmen Stormtroopers were seen in usage by the Galactic Empire during the final years of the Galactic Civil War[3]. They saw little to no action during the war, mostly because they usually served as Royal Guards[4] instead of Stormtroopers, but would take part in the Assault of Epsilon Nine[5].

During this assault, two squads of Guardsmen Stormtroopers were sent by Ysanne Isard, an Imperial Intelligence Director in the Imperial Remnant. They were sent by Ysanne Isard to aid the Dark Lady Lumiya in her fight against the New Republic.

Appearances Edit

  • Lumiya: Dark Star of the Empire (first appearance)


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