"The secrets you've uncovered will die with you."
-This commando, to Tycho Celchu
This Unidentified Storm Commando was one of many Imperial Stormtroopers that became members of the elite Storm Commando division during the Galactic Civil War.

History Edit

Service as a Storm Commando Edit

Though it is unknown when this human male was transferred from the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps to the Storm Commando unit, this Storm Commando was one of few Imperial units that refused to utilize the standard issue black Scout Trooper type armor and preferred to use a specialized variant of Storm Commando Armor.

Mission to Dantooine Edit

A few months following the destruction of the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, this Storm Commando was sent to the Outer Rim planet of Dantooine when the Imperial Officer, Tycho Celchu, attempted to defect to the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the planet. After apprehending the rogue officer, this Storm Commando brought him aboard an Armored Personnel Carrier and attempted to bring him to Imperial justice, however, this commando was stopped by rebel commander Luke Skywalker, who commandeered an E-Web Blaster Turret, destroyed the APC and rescued Celchu. It can be assumed that this commando was killed in the explosion.